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Avoiding disconnection of your gas

The best way to avoid the disconnection of your gas supply is to act promptly and speak to your retailer as soon as you find yourself in a position that may lead to disconnection.

While it may be difficult to discuss your personal circumstances with your retailer, remember that it will be much more stressful to do so after your gas has been disconnected.

Read our information about when your supply can and cannot be disconnected.

Your gas can be disconnected:

  • If you fail to pay a bill.
  • When you have failed to provide safe access to your gas meter for three consecutive scheduled meter reads.
  • For health and safety reasons.
  • In an emergency or at the request of the police.
  • If you have provided false information in order to be connected.
  • If you have not provided acceptable identification when requested to do so by your retailer.
  • When illegal activities are suspected at your premises.
  • If you cause damage to the distributor’s equipment or interfere with a third party’s supply.

Your gas retailer must give you fair notice before disconnection.

Your gas cannot be disconnected:

  • After 3pm on a business day.
  • On a Friday or the day before a public holiday (except in the case of a planned interruption).
  • On a weekend or public holiday.
  • If you have lodged a complaint in relation to the disconnection with our office.
  • For non-payment where the amount outstanding is less than the amount prescribed by the Australian Energy Regulator.
  • Between 20 and 31 December (inclusive).
  • In extreme weather conditions.

Reminder notices

A reminder notice is your cue to contact your gas retailer as soon as possible.

You may still be able to negotiate a payment arrangement and avoid disconnection.

Your retailer must use their best endeavours to contact you by phone, mail, email or other approved methods prior to disconnection.

Disconnection warning

If you have not paid your bill after receiving a reminder notice, you will receive a disconnection warning advising that your supply may be disconnected in five business days unless payment is made.

You should contact your gas retailer as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances.

Dear customer/occupier letters

If you move into a property and gas is being used but you have not established an account, the last gas retailer to supply the property retains the right to supply you and will send out letters addressed to the ‘Occupant’, ‘Customer’ or ‘Resident’ at that property.

Letters addressed in this way (even if not from the retailer you believe you are with) should not be ignored, as they are an indication that something may have gone wrong with a requested transfer, or that you need to establish an account at your new property.

It is important that you read these letters, as they may be bills, reminder notices or even a disconnection warning and if ignored could lead to disconnection.

You should immediately contact the retailer that is sending these letters.

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