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Connecting your energy at a new property

If you are building a new property and need to establish a new electricity or gas supply, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

You will need to work with an electricity or gas contractor to establish the energy needs of the property and depending on the situation, you may also need to contribute to the cost of any capital works required to establish the supply.

Your chosen retailer will submit a request for connection once you have contacted them to establish an account and our tips below should help you avoid delays.


To connect or disconnect your electricity or gas when you move house, you need to contact your retailer.

If you move to a property with an electricity or gas meter but no supply, you will need to put in an application for supply with the retailer you wish to be with.

If you are demolishing a property, you will need to ask your retailer about the process for the removal of any existing electricity or gas meters, and the re-installation of meters when the property development is finished.

If you purchase a property that does not have electricity or gas connected, you should be aware that both the electricity or gas distributor and you, the customer, might need to contribute to the cost of any capital works. You will also need to have an electricity or gas contractor establish your needs for the property.

Establishing an account

The Australian Energy Regulator's website has a full list of authorised retailers.

Once you have contacted your chosen retailer and selected either a Standard or Market contract, your new account will be established and your retailer will submit a service order to the electricity or gas distributor to begin your connection.

Electricity and gas contractors

Your electricity or gas contractor can commence your connection once all appropriate paperwork has been submitted.

Electricity and gas distributors

The relevant distributor will match the service order from your electricity or gas retailer and your contractor can then begin fieldwork to connect supply, which can take up to three weeks. For further information on electrical connections contact SA Power Networks directly or for gas connections contact Australian Gas Networks directly.

Some tips to avoid delays

  • Submit the correct forms and ensure you have filled them in correctly.
  • Provide the correct, full address of where the connection is required. It is recommended you use the address as shown on the council plan or your rates notice.
  • Plan ahead and ensure the site is ready for connection.
  • Factor in allowances for delays due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather.

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