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Connecting your water at a new property

If you are building a new property and will require a water connection there are a number of steps you must take.

You must provide building plans to SA Water prior building with details of the location and type of water connection that you require.

All paperwork must be completed correctly and you should allow time for the process and be prepared to pay for any charges that may be applicable.

Applying for a new water connection

You will need to tell SA Water the location of the property and the type of connection you want.

SA Water will then tell you the conditions for connection and of any applicable fees or charges.

If your water connection needs to be away from the property (e.g. down the road) then your connection may differ from the standard agreement. You may be responsible for any costs involved as well as arranging maintenance or replacement of pipes from your property to the meter.

Contact SA Water for further information.

Before you build

If you are about to build a new house, shed, carport or add an extension to an existing property, you must give SA Water a building plan at least 14 days before starting. You will also need to be aware of any easements on the property.

Contact SA Water for further information.

Development and connection advice

For more information on requirements in relation to water supply and connections when it comes to building, developing, moving or renovating, SA water's 'Land Development and Connections' pages have all the information in one place.

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