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How to check your water usage

Understanding how to use your meter to monitor your household water use can be extremely beneficial, especially if you receive a bill that is higher than expected, or if you think that you may have a water leak.

You can also measure the use of specific appliances and calculate how much the appliance costs to run, or identify if it is using more water than it should.

This will help you to control your use, so you will not be shocked by the cost of your next bill.

How to measure your water usage

Your water meter is read from left to right.

  • The black and white numbers record the kilolitres.
  • The red numbers record the litres.

Contact SA Water for more information.

How to measure the usage of an appliance

If you want to know how much water a particular appliance uses, you can do the following:

  1. Turn off all appliances and taps that use water.
  2. Take a read of the red (litre) numbers on the meter.
  3. Use the appliance that you wish to test (for example: run a cycle of your dishwasher).
  4. Once you are finished and before you use any other water at the property, take another read of the red (litre) numbers on the meter.
  5. The difference between the two meter reads is the number of litres that the appliance used.

How to test for a leak or fault at the meter

You can conduct a simple test to determine the accuracy of your meter, or confirm if there is leak:

  1. Turn off all taps and appliances that use water.
  2. Take a read of the red (litre) numbers from your meter.
  3. Fill up a bucket of a specific size (e.g. 10 litres) with water from your tap.
  4. Take another read of the red (litre) numbers on the meter, which should have progressed by the number of litres in the bucket (e.g. 10).

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